A big shout out to Gabriela Guzman and her team at ‪ValueCollisionCenter‬ for getting my jeep back like new after my accident! They did an amazing job in a timely manner. The best part, was how frequently Gabby kept me in the loop with progressive updates.  They are the best paint and body shop in Dallas!  High quality auto body repair Dallas.  Thanks so much!!
From an auto body customer, Brittany Salopek:
I want to send a huge THANK YOU! to Rufio Stephan Hernandez for referring me to Gabriela Guzman at Value Collision Center!!! They did an amazing job, and are hands down best auto body shop in Dallas! I have honestly never had an easier accident experience lol!! And I feel like my car came back to me better than before :-))) Again thank you, thank you, thank you to both of you!!!
From an auto body customer, Annaliza Steward:
Thanks Gabriela Guzman making my interior look like new in my 69 caddie.  They are high quality and I would highly recommend them to anyone in need of auto body repair in Dallas. — at Value Collision Center.
From a custom classic customer, Adam Cleland:
Thank you Gabriela Guzman and Walter at Value Collision Center for fixing my Pretty baby! I was involved in a hit and run  but service was great! So made everything better. They helped me do everything! Called my insurance company, my rental and even dropped off my car to me! I have never had a better auto body experience.
From an auto body customer, Farrah Fan:
Somebody hit my bumper in the parking lot. I was traveling for the weekend so I dropped my car before leaving and it was ready and clean when I returned. Thanks Gabi and Value Collision Center for doing a great job. The repair was perfect, just like new. Great customer service. Walt even drove me to the airport. You guys are the best!  The paint work and repairs look perfect.
From an auto body customer, Arpit Agrawal:
Value Collision is awesome!!  Fast, honest service.  I was hit and the person ran.  They figured out what needed to be done and made sure to take care of me.  I had no idea that auto body work could be this simple and that they quality would be so perfect!  Service King and Maaco are great options but cannot compete with this level of service.
From an auto body customer, Josh Lopez:
Man you know your friend's business is bad ass when you crash your 7th vehicle and Value Collision can fix up your car in less then a day. Had it back on the road in the morning looking brand new matching paint and everything!! No bull y'all need to hit Gabby and Walter up! A job that would of took a week and cost a lot was next to nothing and done right over night! Love you guys!!!!!!!!!!
From an auto body customer, Johnny Tran:
I want to give a HUGE shoutout to Value Collision Center (VCC) for taking care of Chris M. McKinney's car. I've been to VCC many times and take care of me and been patient with me. Motor was delivered next day and I had the car done in less than a week, with a complimentary clean! Thanks for the amazing work, I'll always bring my business to you.  They are the best collision repair service in Dallas.
From an auto repair customer, Daniel Le:
Value Collision Center is amazing! Gabriela and Walter truly take care of their customers! You will never wave unsatisfied! They replaced front and rear breaks, did a hose replacement, swapped out the tires and rims and deal an immaculate detail-for free! All the services were done at nearly half the cost of the dealership! They kept me informed on the progress of the vehicle and talked me through all services needed and completed. They're nothing short of amazing!! Thanks for all your help!
From an auto repair customer, Amanda Sandel:
Big thanks to Gaby at Value Collision Center for fixing my truck. Looking BRAND new.  They are an incredible auto painting shop.  I have used Maaco and Service King in the past and I can say that Value Collision  Center is the best autobody repair shop in Dallas!
From an auto body customer, Marcos Maldonado:
Thank you so much for doing an amazing job on my car, as well as cleaning my headlights and delivering my car to my place! Great customer service I will definitely come back
From an auto body customer, Marisa Cantu:
Thank you VCC!! My husbands car battery went out they came to our house and took it to get checked and replaced it at a great price!! Love these people! They go above and beyond for customers ALWAYS!!
From an auto repair customer, Destiny Garcia:
Thanks to Gabriela Guzman and everyone at Value Collision Center for the great work on my car. Good as new :)  The help they provided was better than any other collision repair center in Dallas.
From an auto body customer, Claire West:
Thank you Gabriela Guzman and Walter at Value Collision Center for fixing up my car! Great work!  They would have to be the best auto painting shop in Dallas!
From an auto body customer, Micah Rozell:
Finally got my car back... Before & after, full custom leather/alcantara interior. Big shout out to Gabby & Walter at Value Collision for the outstanding work
From an auto interior customer, Shane Thompson:
Thanks for the incredible repair. Wasn't sure how I was going to pull off getting the car fixed when I'm 3 states and 1600 miles away. You made it incredibly easy. Couldn't have asked for more.
From an auto body customer, Christian Anderson:
I usually never rate or post about service (or anything for that matter) but I have to forGabriela Guzman! Never have a I received such personal care and attention!! I was in a tough situation financially and I couldn't communicate well with the family who's car needed fixing but Gabriela stepped in. She was the mediator between us, she calmed me and the other party down.  Thank you!!
From an auto body customer, Jenny Guerges:
Thank you soooo much!!  You fixed my girl all up!!  She was vandalized and I never thought she would be beautiful again!!  You guys surprised me and impressed me.  Unbeatable prices and kept me updated all the way through!!  I can't thank you enough.
From an auto body customer, David Kouzmanoff:
Just want to thank Gabriela Guzman at Value Collision Center for hooking my buddy's Prius up with some cheap and quick repairs car looks awesome!
From an auto body customer, Brooks McLaughlin:
Just got my car back from being at Gabriela Guzman's body shop #ValueCollisionCenter off Royal and 35! They did an amazing job on my car
From an auto body customer, Marlana Carter:
Big Thank YOU to Value Collision Center. Yall rock! I appreciate the updates on my car while out on vacation and the honesty with fixing the car! I know where to go with anything car related!!! Best in Dallas!
From an auto repair customer, Tim McComsey:
Thank you VCC!!  You guys truly take pride in your work.  Quick turnaround at an incredible price!
From an auto body customer, Ryan Alexander:
YEE!!!! Tint lookin pretty!! Thank u Gabriela Guzman!!!!
From a tint customer, Jason Nemes:
Gabriela, thank you so much for fixing my car & making it look like new!!! Your team did an excellent job on my car & in a timely manner! Your awesome & I'm very grateful you were able to work with me!!! Thank you much ma'am!
From an auto body customer, Jonathan Renteria:
Thank  you for fixing my car! Go see them if you need any work done on your car! The owner is amazing and will take great care of you! Fixed my car in less than a week!
From an auto body customer, Sandra Ochoa:
Huuuuge thank u to Gabriela Guzman and Walter for taking care of my car so quickly and last minute. If you're looking for an honest place to take you car see them!!! — at Value Collision Center.
From an auto repair customer, Beverly Cardenas:
Thank you Gabriela Guzman for doing such an amazing job at fixing my baby!!!! Love y'all!!! If anyone needs anything done with your car send it to value collision center!!!
From an auto body customer, Serina Caviness:
I don't usually get into accidents... But when I do, I will go see Gabriela Guzman at Value Collision Center. Amazing customer service, timely repairs, and they go the extra mile for their clients! Thank you VCC!
From an auto body customer, Richard Camp:
WOW!!! Big shout out to VALUE COLLISION CENTER for an amazing job fixing the hail damage and giving my GTI a brand new paint job!!! PLEASE CONTACT GABRIELA GUZMAN FOR ANY AUTO REPAIR NEEDS!!! THANKS GUYS!!!
From an auto body customer, Aiden Brasher:
Shout outs to Gabriela Guzman for doing such an awesome job on my car! For all your automotive needs goto value collision center!
From an auto body customer, Phuong Le:
Thanks Gabriela Guzman and Value Collision Center for making my mini all better! Your the best doctor she's ever had!! (Damn curbs) Absolutely amazing!!!
From an auto repair customer, Nichole Muller:
I am beyond thankful to the staff at Value Collision Center and to Gaby for leaving my car looking brand new again. They did an amazing job on a timely manner and I couldn't be happier with the results!! They even had my rental ready onsite when dropped off my car and delivered my car washed and clean inside and out!
From an auto repair customer, Karen Giaccardi:
Before and after! Did a great job, Thank you Value Collision!
From an auto body customer, Hannah Roper:
Got my car back! Better than before George Bush Turnpike attacked IT. Had a few estimates on the car and VALUE COLLISION CENTER beat both estimates by ALOT, PLUS added in extras (polishing all 4 wheels) and cleaning and painting the insides of the wheels! Walter and Gaby are awesome to deal with - constant updates with the status of my car during the FAST makeover!
From an auto body customer, Tim McComsey:
Got myself into a accident and need it fixed before my girl found out. They did a great job in no time at all. The most affordable place I found. Would recommend to everybody. And will use again if I ever need a repair again. Thanks so much for making my car new again.
From an auto body customer, Derek Ray:
Thanks to my good friend Gabriela Guzman at Value Collision Repair they went over and beyond on repairing my car! Got it back Wednesday and it looks new again. They did extra little stuff like detailed it, fixed all the extra scratches on my car and they let me borrow their car until I could get a rental. Thank y'all much! Anyone need any type of work done they are amazing!!
From an auto body customer, Amanda Hansley:
Thank you so much to Gabriela Guzman, Walter and Value Collision Center for the awesome service! Picking up and delivering my car back to me fixed in 2 days!!! I could not ask for better service! Thank you! Thank you! Thank you!!! Only shop I will ever use. You guys rock!!!
From an auto repair customer, Kimberly Laprade:
Have to give a shout out to the wonderful peps over at Value Collision Center: 1715 Rhome St. in Dallas Texas, owner Gabriela Guzman! No job is too large or too small! They had Conner's car ready, dents repaired, excellent body work, paint job, and other mechanical work! All in a timely fashion and a clean car upon arrival! — with Gabriela Guzman
From an auto body customer, Stacey Cleveland:
This is not our first experience with Gabby and Walter at Value Collision Center, and it certainly will not be our last! They do amazing work! They are honest, fast and work hard to get you the best price. This is unheard of in this business!! Our very well-loved, beat-up Prius now looks brand new! Thanks a million guys! You are truly the best!
From an auto body customer, Michelle Hopson:
It's a rare thing to actually love getting your car fixed! Not only because of the amazing company too(love the wifey & Walter) I know I can trust everything is done right when I come here, I'm taken care of, not advantage of! They are all amazing and it's always a truly wonderful, inviting atmosphere when they take care of me! Thank you all so much!! Xo — with Gabriela Guzman at @value collision center.
From an auto body repair, Amanda Sandel:
After getting into a car accident, Value Collision Center fixed my headlights, bumper, suspension, radio, A/C and window tint! They're capable of so much more than just aesthetics! Thank you! — with Gabriela Guzman at@value collision center.
From an auto body customer, Dan Bui:
Thanks gab and Walter for pimping my ride lol — withGabriela Guzman.
From a custom car wrap customer, Taylor Page:
This is what Gabriela Guzman and Value Collision Center did for my friend and his car! They go above and beyond to give you the satisfaction and guarantee you seek! If you need help, hit them up! They got you!— with Gabriela Guzman.
From an auto body customer, Vu Ly:
Thank you vcc and gabby for fixing my baby. if u need anything done to ur car call me, add her, or just go to vcc they will take care of u and ur ride. Thanks again!— with Gabriela Guzman at @value collision center.
From an auto body customer, Chase Castilla:
Yayyy!! So happy to have my little whip back looking better than ever!! Thanks Gabriela Guzman and Value Collision Center for the phenomenal repair!!  — with Gabriela Guzman.
From an auto body customer, Christi Elizabeth:
Yayyyyyyyy!!! My baby is all fixed! BIGGGGG thanks to Gabriela Guzman @ Value Collision Center for fixing my whipppp! Even gave me a free rental until my baby was fixed! You guys are absolutely amazing! I cannot thank you enough! Love youuuuu  — feeling ecstatic.
From an auto body customer, Ashley Camille:
I can't thank Value Collision enough for the great work, and extra mile they went to get my car back to new after some punks broke in.  They even did a full detail!  Thanks again guys!!
From an auto body customer, Vyk Sahai:
I am extremely pleased with all of my repairs at Value Collision Center! They are staffed with highly trained professionals that pride themselves in getting the job done right the first time. As a result of their honesty, integrity, and timeliness (which is hard to find these days), I have had multiple vehicles repaired at this establishment ranging from minor paint & body work, to full frame-off restoration of my classic show car. As each repair was being completed, VCC kept me informed with status updates, pics, and recommendations to ensure that my vehicles were optimally repaired to my satisfaction. I highly recommend VCC to anyone that needs auto repairs from honest mechanics that stand behind their work!
From a custom restoration customer, Ken Wesley:
Only place I trust taking my car to, if u ever need any work done Value Collision Center is amazing!!! Contact Gabriela Guzman , she will take such good care of you, work with your needs and make you feel safe knowing that your car is in such good hands!!!
From an auto body customer, Serina Renae: